To Achieve Our Program Goals We will Need 250k to Purchase 1 Smart House and to provide  1000 wearable smart belt’s devices to schools and families. The Smartbelt devices can provide video and GPS of the child or adult that is wearing the smartbelt.

Wearable Technology

The organization will provide wearable mobile devices that can help to keep users safe. The wearable devices can be used to contact family members through the touch of a button. This immediate access can help children and elderly people access help whenever they are in danger. The devices can detect falls and bullying of children. In addition, the devices can monitor medical conditions and collect information about chronic conditions. Safety52, Inc. will donate these items to children and elderly individuals. Pending available funds and resources, our goal is to provide 100 wearable devices per year.

Wearable Technology to help Kids and Adults

The wearable belt buckle is all activated with a single panic button.

On a push of the button on the belt buckle, the App provides the parents the following:

  1. GPS Locating
  2. Audio & Video Recording
  3. Unlimited Pre-programmed contact

Wearable Belt Buckle

Safety52 provides wearable belt buckles combines a fashionable belt with a high-tech belt buckle equipped with a number of concealed security features.

  • A panic button
  • GPS locating capabilities
  • Audio and video recording
  • Speed dialing for up to Unlimited pre-programmed Contacts

Our belt is ideal for kids, teens, adults, and the elderly. No matter who you are, you’ll feel safer when you know you can reach help with the press of a button. You don’t need to rely on getting to a cell phone.

Activate 3 Safety Features With 1 Button or Safe Word

It operates quickly and easily. If you’re in trouble, just press the panic button. It will automatically dial the first of Unlimited pre-programmed contacts. When that call is answered, the belt’s audio function allows the person on the other end to hear everything around you.


Furthermore, Safety52, Inc. will provide transitional housing for elderly individuals. The organization will also provide transitional housing for victims of abuse. Pending available funds, the organization intends to purchase three homes per year. The homes will be rented to individuals or families in need for up to one year. Our goal is earn enough money through our fundraising efforts to keep the monthly rent to a minimum. We may charge a monthly rent of approximately $300 per month. We will not turn anyone away for inability to pay. The homes will be equipped with smart technologies designed to keep the residents safe. The homes will have camera monitoring and other technologies to ensure every resident is safe and comfortable in the home. The homes will provide an opportunity for individuals to get back on their feet as they look for a permanent home.